2017 Season Begins

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Over the past 10 years, since the inception of Torah & Turf, we have been working hard to improve the program and expand it to other cities all over the United States. In 2016, 4 additional cities joined the program. We also hosted our first-ever Torah & Turf National Tournament & Shabbaton in St. Louis with 30 guests from  6 different cities. After that, other cities began to call and express interest in joining and putting together their own local teams.

THIS year, we are thrilled to announce that 15 cities have hopped on board. Locally (in St. Louis), we now boast 6 different teams. We are estimating the guest list to increase to 100-115 guests for this year’s upcoming 2018 national tournament in January! We are excited about the growth and look forward to more opportunities for growth in the future!

Now, 5 exhilarating words to leave you with:

The. 2017. Season. Has. Begun!!!!!

Exciting New Developments for 2016 Season


In the 2015 season, Torah and Turf was made up of four energetic teams. Over the offseason we have been enthusiastically planning to expand our league and add some new teams. We have at least six teams lined up for the 2016 season. The Red Team has split and there is a brand new team joining. There is a possibility that the JCC will organize a team as well, which would contribute an entirely new group of young pros for us. With the Rams moving on, Torah and Turf will be forced to find a new home for our Torah Bowl. However, there are plans for an exciting end of the season, multi-city tournament. Torah and Turf is going national! Six cities have eagerly accepted our offer to coach them through opening their own Torah and Turf program. We hope the best team from each league will compete for the coveted title of Torah and Turf National Champions.