2017 TNT Championship Recap

I. We had a championship game for the ages! It was a nail biter and was fantastic football. Black, in their first ever championship appearance vs. Green looking for a 5-peat. Here is a video recap of what went down in the second half that will go down in Torah and Turf™ lore as one of the greatest ever.

The first half was all about defense, each team scored a touchdown and Black started the second half with a 7-6 lead.
Green drew first blood scoring on this pass from Captain Bryan Schwartz to Dan Brodsky. Brodsky’s fan club erupted in cheers after the catch was made. Kind of.

II. With their championship hopes and season on the line, Black almost evened it up as Arthur Ryback went to full extension with no regard for his body to try and haul in this beautiful pass from Captain Sam Muzik. Green still up 13-7.

III. Black’s defense kept the game alive by limiting the always dangerous Green with a big sack here by Nick Schechter.

IV. There was more to come from Nick. Another sack!

V. As time was winding down, Sam and co. tried to play more conservative, slowly marching down the field. Muzik connects with Jonathan Kootman for a first down. Mason Bikshorn with the encouraging noises after the catch.

VI. Sam brought Black to the goal line on this Michael Vick-like scramble for a chunk of yards.

VII. But Green came up with a huge stop on 4th down with this sack by Andrew Grosman.

VIII. Black was up to their final chance with less than a min left on the clock and no timeouts. On 4th down, Sam Muzik keeps the game alive by taking it himself for the first down and getting out of bounds to stop the clock.

IX. With just a few a ticks left on the clock, Kootman steps in as QB to give Black some more height for a Hail Mary (very not Jewish sounding) to try and tie it up. The pass is picked off by Dan Brodsky but the commissioner, the irreplaceable Aaron Edelstein, threw a questionable flag for pass interference. The Torah and Turf™ office will be sending out a statement explaining and defending the call.

X. And then the on the last play of regulation, this happened! This was like game 6 of the 2017 World Series. TIE GAME at the end of regulation with a chance to win for Black on the extra point. They missed. OVERTIME!

XI. College rules OT. Black almost scored here but Sam’s pass was just out of Kootman’s reach.

XII. And then Dan Brodsky kept it tied with this fantastic play on defense.

XIII. Green’s up. Bryan Schwartz doing Bryan Schwartz things.

XIV. FOR IT ALL!!!! Schwartz to Adam Hendin in double OT! TORAH AND TURF™ CHAMPIONS!!!!!!